Zones & Thermostats

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Get perfectly heated or cooled air to every square inch of your home or office.

Surround yourself with the environment you’ve always wanted and didn’t know you needed. With our advanced thermostats and zoning technology, we can take your in-home comfort to an entirely new level. Each area (zone) of your home can have its own local thermostat to monitor and adjust the temperature for optimal comfort. You can also control all zones from your main thermostat, as well, keeping your comfort easily in your hands.

Perfectly-controlled air, delivered when and where you need it.

With zoning and easy thermostat controls, your heating and cooling system will be able to direct perfectly-controlled air to the areas in your home that need it, while reducing airflow to areas that do not. You can customize your comfort from room to room, floor to floor, keeping your home’s temperature balanced to your needs and use. Imagine that! A heating and cooling system that adapts to your life, perfectly. Other features can include:
  • High-precision climate control
  • Motorized dampers in the duct work, directing air to flow to where it’s needed
  • Individual cooling and heating of four different areas (zones)
  • Remote temperature control adjustment

The Ultimate Thermostat Technology

Lennox ThermostatYour schedule may change, the weather may change, even the air quality on your street may change. But with today’s high-tech thermostats, your heating and cooling will adapt to provide you with everything you’re looking for when it comes to energy savings, air quality and comfort, and peace of mind. Your thermostat can even issue you “advanced warnings” to help you predict some problems before they happen! A notice as simple as having a longer-than-normal run time can give you a heads-up to a symptom before it becomes a much bigger issue. Other features can include:
  • GPS tracking that ties to your mobile phone to know when you come and go, adjusting your home’s temperature to your actual usage, maximizing energy savings and comfort
  • Smart temperature adjustments that take into account the outside temperature and humidity, making the temperature in your home “feel like” the temperature you want.
  • Automatic air quality monitoring – your thermostat can take into account the outdoor air quality and pollen levels in your neighborhood, automatically signaling your system to clean your home’s air when outdoor levels are high to keep you breathing easy.

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