It’s finally spring – time for warmer weather, blooming flowers, and spring storms. But when the spring storms hit, will you be ready? What if the power goes out? How can you keep everything running smoothly in the middle of a power outage? The answer, of course, is a generator!

Backup generators are meant to kick in when the power goes out, and there are basically two types; automatic or portable. Automatic backup generators are permanently installed at your home, and start working within seconds of the power going out.   Automatic generator units will also shut themselves off automatically when the power comes back on, so there’s no need to monitor your system during an outage.

Portable generators can be multi-purpose, unlike automatic generators that are permanently installed. Portable generators can be used for all sorts of events, from tailgating to construction to camping and beyond.

Whether you choose an automatic generator or a portable one, a generator gives you peace of mind that when the weather gets extreme, the generator is there to keep you and your family safe and comfortable, regardless of the conditions outside.

Even in the case of a prolonged power outage, a generator means that you can keep the lights on (and the house warm!), because the generator provides power for your furnace, hot water heater, and other appliances. Another benefit is that when your house stays warm during a power outage, you can prevent your pipes from freezing as well.

When the power stays on with a generator, you can keep your family comfortable and provide heat or air conditioning, which is often critical for children, pets, and the elderly. A home generator helps you protect what’s most precious to you – providing power through wind, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Get the power to be prepared – consider a generator for your home or business today!