2014_06_03Don’t wait until it’s hot outside – get your air conditioning unit tuned up this spring.

Why? Regular maintenance saves you money!

Getting a tune-up on your A/C unit before the hot weather strikes will help to prevent breakdowns, as a clean unit runs better. You will also enjoy the benefits of a trimmed-back electric bill, since your unit will be running at its maximum efficiency. In fact, if your unit is low on freon, it can run 2-3 times longer and still not cool properly!

Don’t spend more than you should – call us today to schedule your Spring A/C Tuneup for only $75!*

Your A/C needs to be operational, and your tuneup will include:

  • Condenser Cleaning
  • Air Filter Inspection
  • Inspection of Electrical Connections
  • Starting up the unit
  • Checking the Motors
  • Checking the Freon Levels*
  • Monitoring Air Flow from Furnace
  • Drain Line Inspection
  • Advice on any problems or issues that are identified

*$75 for one unit, additional A/C units $40. Freon not included, but is available for an additional charge, if needed.

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