It’s that time of year again… as the temperatures rise, you expect to be able to turn on the A/C and keep your home cool and comfortable. But what you may not know (or may be putting off until there’s a problem) is that you need to have your air conditioning unit tuned up/maintained every year.


Regular maintenance can save you money!

Not only will regular maintenance help to prevent costly repairs by keeping your unit in good working condition, with regular maintenance it is more likely that we are able to find and fix small problems before they become big (expensive!) problems.

And having a well-maintained unit means that your air conditioning is working as efficiently as possible, saving money on utility bills. In fact, if your A/C unit is simply low on Freon, it can run 2-3 times longer and still not cool your house properly. Think of all that wasted electricity!

So what happens with an A/C maintenance appointment?

We will inspect your air filter and all electrical connections. We clean the condenser and start the unit. We will check the motors and Freon levels, monitor the air flow, and inspect the drain line. If any problems or issues are identified, we will let you know – and will let you know our advice (sometimes it’s best to “wait and see” how the problem develops – we can tell you what to watch for, other times, we can make a quick repair then and there).

If you find yourself looking forward to the cool comfort of your air conditioned home, be sure to get your A/C unit tuned up every year. Not only will you end up saving big on your utility bills, you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is functioning at its best possible efficiency.