We’ve all been there – we watch a video on YouTube, we read an article, we see something on TV, and we think to ourselves, “hmm… I think I can fix that!”

When it comes to anything in your home that is related to electricity, wiring, or your fuse box, just stop.

Don’t go there. Really. Call an electrician instead.

Not only is it a really bad idea to DIY anything electrical in your home without the proper training, doing it incorrectly can cause serious injury, create problems for your home or appliances, and fixing it later can cost more money than it would have if you had just hired it done properly from the start.

Seriously – electricity is dangerous. If you’re working with something that could be potentially deadly (like electricity), doesn’t it make more sense to hire someone who knows what they’re doing, and who have the certification and licensing to prove it? Hint: Yes, yes it does.

Some of the DIY issues we’ve run across range from the simple (like putting a 100-watt lightbulb into a fixture only rated for 60-watt), to the complex (DIY circuit box additions? Really?), to the out-and-out dangerous (wrapping wires around each other to make a connection, seriously folks?) – Incorrect electrical DIYs can cause a fire. Don’t cause a fire.

So what can a certified, licensed electrician help with? From the simple to the complex, you can call an electrician for items like:

  • Changing a light fixture
  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Replacing light switches
  • Adding/changing the location of an outlet
  • Installing a new thermostat
  • Updating outlets to include USB charging ports
  • Remodeling (updates to kitchens/bathrooms in particular)
  • Installing or replacing grounded outlets (especially in kitchen/bath)
  • Installing or replacing a jacuzzi (in a bathroom or outdoors)
  • Wiring for a portable generator
  • …and so much more!

If you are making home improvements or repairs that affect your home’s electrical wiring, electrical connections, fuse box, etc – call a professional. Seriously, you’ll be glad you did! Not only will it actually get done (and not sit on your “honey-do” list for months), but it will be done properly and safely – without risk to your health or home.