Furnace maintenance might not be on the top of your list, but perhaps it should be. Just as home maintenance is essential to having safe and comfortable home and car care is important to keep your car running, your furnace is no exception.  Many homeowners don’t think about furnace maintenance or don’t realize the importance of having it run effectively until it’s too late.

Heading off problems before they begin is always in the best interest of any homeowner. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about dirty filters, clogged or worn out parts, or improper settings and how they can drastically reduce furnace efficiency and create problems for the homeowner. You don’t want to have a failing furnace during winter when you need it most.

Having  preventative maintenance done on your system will make sure that there are no small, undetected issues that may turn into large, expensive problems later if they continue to go unresolved. The easiest form of preventive maintenance is simply replacing the furnace air filter on a regular basis. The air filter is designed to prevent dust, lint, and other forms of debris from entering the furnace. These foreign objects can build up inside the furnace can cause problems or spread throughout the home. Also, while performing your furnace maintenance, it is also a good idea to check the operation of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

While most of the do-it-yourself furnace maintenance tips will go a long way to ensuring your unit is functioning the way it was designed, you should not overlook the importance of having a professional tune up and preventive maintenance performed by a qualified expert.

Benefits of maintenance

  • Regular furnace maintenance can limit repairs over the life of a system.
  • Fixing issues before they arise helps in the reduction of repair costs in the future.
  • An annual furnace checkup helps reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Air quality within the home is improved when filters are changed regularly.
  • Keeping the furnace in good working condition keeps you and your family when you need it most.
  • Continuous preventive maintenance has a proven record of adding 5–10 years to the life of your equipment if maintained from the date of the original installation.
  • A properly running furnace will have improved capacity, which means your furnace will have an easier time meeting your home’s heating needs while saving on costly electric or gas bills.

There is no alternative to proper cleaning and maintenance of your furnace.   Regular maintenance is vital for a full-functioning furnace and is the best way to prepare for the chill of winter. Regular maintenance will help prevent major furnace failures, and can also keep your system working at its best efficiency and capacity. It makes more sense to spend a little money now to address small problems rather than spend a lot more to fix major problems later.