If you’re like most of us, you appreciate the feeling of getting out of the heat and into your comfortably air conditioned home. Most of the time, we don’t give it a second thought – that is, until it’s not working on that 100-degree day!

What a lot of air conditioning users don’t realize is that, over time, the components of the air conditioning unit weaken and break down – and without regular maintenance, you could wind up needing major repair or replacements. Luckily, you can keep your unit running as full capacity if you schedule regular tune-ups for your air conditioning unit annually – twice a year if your unit has been especially active.

Here are three of the top reasons regular a/c unit maintenance is so important:

Keep Utility Bills Low

In the heat of the summer, it’s not unusual to see your electric bill rise. Your A/C unit can be a power hog – and for each year that it goes without maintenance, it will pull more and more power. Even an energy-efficient unit will feel the effects of neglect, and you will end up paying for skipping maintenance when you get your utility bill. But proper care and maintenance will keep your unit running at up to 95% of its original efficiency, saving you the headache of high electric bills.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Most of the time, it ends up costing a lot more to fix a problem than it does to maintain the unit. Eventually, neglecting your unit will catch up with you – and it’s when the temperatures are the highest that your air conditioner is most likely to have a problem. Making sure you have regular tune ups on your system will help to significantly decrease the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. All the “little” things that get accomplished during a tune-up (like cleaning the coils, checking for leaks, replacing filters, etc) may not seem like a big deal, but a small leak or dirty filter can do serious damage to your unit – and your wallet – if that small problem becomes a big problem down the line.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

If you find yourself looking forward to the cool comfort of your air conditioned home, be sure you get your unit tuned up this summer. Not only will you end up saving on your utility bills, you can rest easy, knowing that your equipment is functioning at its best possible efficiency.