In the tech-savvy world we live in today, we are often in search of conveniences that help us to keep up with our fast-paced lives. Our devices have become an extension of our productivity and entertainment – and it has become an incredible hassle to worry about keeping our tablets, phones, etc. charged.

Just look around you – the odds are good that within arm’s reach, you will find several items that need to be plugged in eventually – your tablet, your phone, those wireless headphones… it feels like everything these days needs to be charged! Your device’s manufacturer may have been nice enough to give you one of those bulky wall outlet converters that can change the 110 volts of your wall socket into the 5 volts of USB power, which is great, except that to use it you lose a full wall outlet. Or you misplace the converter eventually… oops!

You’re not alone. And now there’s an answer! By adding 2 USB ports in the wall plate right along with the normal 110 volt sockets, you now have versatile and convenient power for all of your household needs. Now you have plenty of room to plug in your normal wall socket items (like lamps!), and at the same time you can also capitalize on the convenience of having two USB ports for your device chargers.

This adaptor-free charging is not only convenient, but it helps to keep your countertops, desktops, etc streamlined and aesthetically appealing without bulky adaptors cluttering up your outlets. USB wall outlets are streamlined, and fit seamlessly into your life – they offer a centralized location for charging all of your devices with a sleek, modern look.

USB-enabled outlets are compatible with the latest technology, and can charge your tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras, GPS devices, and other electronic devices that are traditionally charged using USB cords.

Make your walls ready for the technology of today with USB-equipped wall outlets. At A&M Engineering, we can help you upgrade your outlets to better fit with your digital life!